Friday, July 31, 2009

The Peculiar Relationship

It is once again that time of the year when people with a lucky JEE getaway are lured to spend their next four or five years at our outstanding institute. The reason I call it outstanding is that it stands out from the seemingly endless list of IITs that our patron: the MHRD has so humbly bestowed upon the better minds of the nation. This implies that people need to trouble themselves less about making it into the list of the better minds.

However, before I cease pretending that I care about these younglings who will be soon ushered into our huge family (we have insufficient rooms to keep them), I would like to give them sincere advice about something that is so important to them: relationships. Now, before you classify me among those preachers who are forced to preach something they have as much idea as a laboratory mouse might have about the Helium-Neon Laser, I must clarify that I am talking about the ever important relationship with your roomy.

Believe it or not, a hurried decision to bind yourself to an unfamiliar face at the beginning of the year can create the most hilarious and uncomfortable situations for an entire year. Your roomy may want to sleep early when your nocturnal escapades may involve playing music at the highest pitch. Or maybe your roomy may find clinging to the phone the most interesting part of his/her jeopardized life, thus causing you to delve into the deepest well of frustrations and inferiority complex, provided you are one of the paradoxical creatures who crave for commitment and at the same time happen to be commitment-phobic. Funnily enough, break-ups and divorces can emerge from the tiniest of issues such as locking your roomy outside the room while he/she is at bath. You can’t blame the offender for that. The tragedy of Othello rests merely on a perfumed handkerchief. Alternatively, partners who vouched fidelity in their first year have fallen apart before me and unforeseen divorces are no longer a rare event. You may always expect your roomy to have begun sleeping with the most unlikely character after your return from a nice vacation.

Therefore, it is my sincere advice to my fellow juniors to choose their partners wisely. The relationship with your roomy has greater value than that between you and any of your girl/boyfriends. The greatest of friendships emerge from this peculiar relationship.