Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Three Stories

It has been a while since I wrote down on this space and hence, I try to conclude an extremely dull and unsatisfactory day by penning down this piece which I must add, was promised to my brother to feature on my blog more than a month ago. It was he who narrated to me what appears next in this post.

Now, my dear reader, before you try come up with enthusiastic questions as to why my day was unsatisfactory, let me quickly summarise what this post is all about. What follows here, are three stories (very short ones!), each having a moral from the corporate world. Remember that you will enjoy the stories even more if you try o figure out the moral yourself before reading the same, described after each story.

· The First Story: A wild turkey was sitting on the top branch of a tree. A rabbit spots it from the ground and curiously asks: “Hey! How can you sit continuously for so long and do nothing.” Before the turkey could reply, a hunter spots the rabbit and shoots it dead while the turkey flies off.

Can you guess the moral of the first story? If you want to sit and do nothing, it is better to be on top.

· The Second Story: A rabbit asks a cow: “Mr. Cow, I want to climb up the tree. Can you tell me how to do it?” The cow cheerfully replies:”Sure! Just eat my dung and you will gain enough energy to climb the tree.” The rabbit eats the cow’s dung and is able to climb the tree. Moments later, a hunter spots the white rabbit in the tree and shoots it dead.

This time, can you guess the moral of the second story? If you reach the top after gaining favours from others and then do nothing, you are sure to fall.

· The Third Story: It is freezing cold. It is so cold that a cuckoo sitting on the top of the tree freezes and falls off the tree. A cow standing next to the tree feels pity and drops some dung on the frozen cuckoo. The dung is warm and it melts the snow on the cuckoo. The cuckoo becomes so happy that it starts singing. A cat, on hearing the cuckoo sing, pulls it out of the dung and eats it.

This story has three morals:

i. Not everybody who drops dung on you is your enemy.

ii. Not everybody who pulls you out of dung is your friend.

iii. If your life is in deep shit, do NOT sing about it.

Well that’s it for now. I hope you enjoyed the stories as much as I did.

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